If your name is Mike,  Jane or Bill then you just might have!
At 12:50 on Tuesday, August 9th, our favorite honorary Rotarian, Eunice Rogier, reached into the drum filled with raffle tickets (each in individual envelopes) and pulled out three winning tickets.  
Tickets in hand, Mark Frey announced the winners in reverse order.
Third prize of $500 goes to ... Bill Kealy
Second prize of $1,000 goes to ... Jane Eilers
And the Grand prize of a new 2016 car or $20,000 goes to ...
[Drum roll]
... Mike and Barb Kuhl!
Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to all the Rotarians who helped make this a big success - with a special recognition to Mark Frey for the countless hours running this event!