Posted by ANGELA IMMING on Apr 06, 2018
March for Rotarians is intended to focus on literacy and all the good work we do to aide in the destruction of illiteracy.  In April, we reflect on how reading can help improve our knowledge of Rotary.  Having access to consistent, timely information is key to our lives.  As part of our Rotary membership, we each receive Rotary Magazine.  Spending just 15-20 minutes reading the articles that define who we are, the impact we have and the work that remains incomplete helps us to understand our role.  It also helps each of us become better, more knowledgeable Rotarians planting ideas for new and valuable service projects to bring to communities; how to reinvigorate our club and help influence our next fund raising efforts.
When you've finished reading the articles and viewing the wonderful photos, be sure to collect them for recycling or even better, share them at local offices where we might be able to spread the word of our work.  Consider taking them to hair dressers or doctor's offices.  This is a great way to help others get involved.
Enjoy Magazine Month!