Paying your quarterly Rotary dues just got easier - no more check writing or stuffing lots of one dollar bills in an envelope.  No more nasty 1:00 AM calls from the club treasurer asking you where your payment is.
Nope - now you can go online, in the comfort of your home or office, and pay your invoice.  
I'll bet you're eager to try it out.
Here's just how easy it is...
1.  Go the the Rotary Square Store.
3.  In the QTY field, enter the amount you are paying (hopefully the full amount you owe!)
4.  Verify that the amount is correct and select ADD TO CART
5.   Select CHECKOUT and follow the remaining instructions.
6.   Once completed you will receive a receipt via email.
7.   You're done.  That's all there is to do. 
Simple, huh?  And secure - Square is a well-established payment processor.  Rotary will never see your card information.  All we get is your money!
So, if you have an outstanding invoice, why not try it out now?  If you don't know what is your open balance, you can log onto and look it up.
Thanks so much.