Do You Have Your Ticket Yet?

This car raffle is one of our main fund raisers for the year.  If you know a Rotarian, they will certainly be glad to sell you one of our 500 tickets.   OR . . . this year you can purchase your ticket online with your credit card.  So, just how does that work?



Follow the link below and tell us how many tickets you would like to purchase.  You’ll provide your contact information, any special instructions (make one out for Bobby Sue and one for Billie Jean).  Then fill out your credit card information (yes, everything is VERY secure – we never even see your credit information) and you’re done.  We’ll fill out your raffle tickets and send you a pdf of them.  And, yes, you’ll just have to trust that we’ll put them in the basket (we ARE Rotarians after all!)

The drawing is on Tuesday, August 19, 2016 and weekly Early Bird drawings (for $100) start on June 21st.  So enter now and you might win the car AND get your ticket money back!